What we do

Land Freight
We have national and international land services. Pickups and deliveries.
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Air transport
We have air transport to and from the most important airports in the world.
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Maritime services
We offer reliability and easy access to all major container ports.
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Custom service
We carry out loading procedures in the corresponding customs
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Wide range of insurance for any type of commodity.
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Process cargo

1. We receive or make a call or visit
Initial process of our processes where the corresponding procedures will be made.
2. Honduras Logistic
We handle your request and process it according to our standards.
3. Suppliers
We have a network of suppliers at the service of your needs.
4. Load
In this process, we take care of transporting your cargo in suitable vehicles.
5. Honduras Logistic
We take care that everything goes well before sending or receiving your shipment.
6. Shipped
Ready, your cargo travels safe.